Egon Schiele

He made some very interesting and controversial paintings for his time. He died when he was only 28. 

I think he was great!

you know that feeling when you’ve been sitting at the computer too long and you eyes are looking in different directions?

Sweet dreams?

"During REM sleep, when dreaming typically occurs, the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin is shut off in the brain. The only other time that happens is because of LSD, 

When people seem to have these totally uninteresting experiences they describe as profoundly meaningful called ‘acid insights.” 

The same applies to people describing their uninteresting dreams as “amazing”. 



Synclaremarie! I can’t answer to your message as I can’t find option to send you one your blog! But yes input would be great :D

Cyberbullying blog?

I am working on a thesis on cyberbullying and my professors suggested to start a blog about it. 

Any ideas? 

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